PHP-Center got a new home – time to say good bye

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Together with Ralf Geschke (and Tobias Ratschiller), we created as a home for the German-speaking PHP community back in 1998. Back then, PHP-Center was also the host of the German speaking PHP mailing list (GML) which was founded by Ralf and PHP-Center was the complementary web site that contained news, articles, case studies and a job board for German speaking PHP enthusiasts. Some years later, the mailing list switched to and I continued with as a solo project.


Have a look at how PHP-Center was back then: the 1999 pages, 2002 and PHP-Center in 2004


In the last years, we didn’t have much time to dedicate for this project and decided we want to give PHP-Center (at least the domains) a new heritage. For this, we found a new host for the domains: Software & Support media who already care for the German PHP Magazin and the International PHP Conference.


I would like to thank a lot of people for their work in the last 12 years: Ralf Geschke, Tobias Ratschiller, Sebastian Bergmann, Christopher Kunz, Markus Wolff, Thiemo Mättig and countless others (especially those mailing list subscribers). You’ve made the No. 1 ressource for German PHP developers in the past decade and I hope Software & Support will continue the journey with its content.

Avatar von Björn Schotte


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