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Today, we would like to present our modifications and updates concerning D2SBridge during the last weeks.


Plugin Functionality

We implemented a plugin system for D2SBridge. Now, you may change or enhance the base functionality by writing own plugins for D2SBridge. For example, we wrote a Plugin in a few lines attaching data submitted by the webform as an email instead of a note. Currently, we are thinking about additional hooks for the plugins in order to simplify and to enhance the capabilities of D2SBridge.


DimDim Plugin

We are also experimenting with a new plugin (consisting of two parts: D2SBridge and SugarCRM) which can be used to connect the drupal forms with a DimDim-Meeting. The workflow is very simple:
You create a webmeeting in SugarCRM (we wrote a new module for this purpose), enter the meeting details like start-time & date, and hit the save button. The entered data is used to schedule a meeting on DimDim. Every time you change the meeting details in SugarCRM, the changes will automatically be submitted to DimDim.
The meetings you entered in SugarCRM, may now be chosen via an autocomplete textfield in the drupal webform settings. If you relate a meeting to a webform, the lead/contact found or created by D2SBridge, will be related to the meeting in SugarCRM and will be invited to the meeting. You are able to open a new window and start the meeting in DimDim by just one click within SugarCRM.
This way you are able to see all leads/contacts in SugarCRM who have registered for a meeting.


There are also plans to integrate DimDim CSV meeting-reports in order to add a small note to each lead – if the person did actually participate in the meeting he registered for – but we will tell you more about that in the near future.

Avatar von Johannes Brosi


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