My ZendStudio wishlist

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ZendStudio has become my IDE of choice. I was formerly addicted to vim which I’m using now when I don’t have ZDE there or something has to be „hotfixed“ on the server. It’s great that Zend is making early access builds available and you can see how the IDE matures and matures.

My wishlist:

  • direct PHPDoc support: for vim I had a cool plugin which automagically writes the docblock whenever I finish a function, class or var declaration with an {. This was very handful because I never forgot to write the PHPDoc – vim reminded me on that. In ZDE, I manually have to right-click on every method/function in the class/function browser and add the PHPDoc docblock. This is not very intuitive.
  • extensive PHPUnit support: although I mostly don’t use PHPUnit (there are several other testing methods available), a good PHPUnit support would be helpful: automatic test class generation, code coverage support etc.
  • SOAP (PHP5) support: provide a SOAP server skeleton out of classes/methods with just a mouseclick
  • Detect that the content of a file has changed even when using scp: although this may be traffic-intensive, it can be useful to know if the remote file has changed and the IDE asks you if the file should be reloaded.
Avatar von Björn Schotte


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  1. Where can you get the early access builds?

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