Summer of PHProjekt Addons

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as in Germany the days are getting shorter and we are close to
the first snowfall,
we think it is about time to bring the
Summer of PHProjekt Addons to an end.

In the last 3 months we managed to release the following 15 Addons
which are supported by PHProjekt 5.2.2 and PHProjekt 5.2.3.
Here is a list of the released addons with a short description:

  • Protokoll Addon:

    With the help of the ‚Protokolladdon‘ it is very easy to keep
    your minutes in a standardised layout and send them to the
    recipients in pdf-format.

  • PBridge:

    PBridge enables you to synchronize your project trees between
    PHProjekt and ganttproject, a graphical open source java tool
    for your desktop. With PBridge you can export projects to
    ganttproject, work on them locally and re-import them into PHProjekt.

  • Outlook Synchronisation Tool:

    With the help of this addon you can sync your PHProjekt contacts,
    tasks, notes and calendar entries with Outlook.

  • Thinkbook:

    Thinkbook supports you by building complex user manuals or other
    editions of chapter based handbooks.

  • PFolders:

    PFolders is a WebDAV Interface for PHProjekt which enables you
    to access the file repository of the filemanager from PHProjekt
    without the web interface of PHProjekt.

  • RSS Reader:
    With this addon you can integrate your own rss reader in PHProjekt

  • Dokuwiki Addon:
    This addons allows you to integrate the DokuWiki Version 2006-11-06 in your PHProjekt installation.

  • PTimecontrol:
    PTimecontrol is a very useful asset to the PHProjekt timecard which
    allows you to generate extensive analysis of your working time,
    overtime and Project bookings. It considers all off time entries
    from the vacation addon and local hoidays.

  • Vacation Addon:
    With the help of this addon you can report the vacations, sick days
    and other offtime of your employees.

  • Reporting Addon:
    This addon allows you to automatically generate project reports.
    Those reports are available in PDF format. Due to a number of
    setting options you can adjust them to your individual needs.

  • Test Addon:
    This Addon helps you to easily design and keep track of
    your software tests.

  • PocketPC Synchronisation Tool:
    This addon allows you to synchronize your Outlook contacs,
    events, notes and todos on your Pocket PC with PHProjekt.

  • Scrum Projektmanagement:

    The scrum addon allows the administration of scrum based projects using the scrum methodology.
    Teams with agile development have a pretty good tool to perform their project management with scrum, including meetings, product backlogs, burndown charts and much more.

  • Billing Addon:
    With the help of this addon you can automatically generate bills
    based on your PHProjekt project bookings.

  • Bookmarks Addon:
    This addon helps you to easily administrate your external bookmarks.

We hope that the published addons are useful for you.

Avatar von Nina Schmitt


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