About one week ago i did the about 3526th most important thing in my live: my development platform is no longer php4, it’s php5 now. since i (and my customers, more important) are depending on a stable development environment, that’s not as simple as it may seem. And – surprise, surprise – everything went fine, all my applications kept on running, no segfault or bug up to now. One of our bigger customers, an Austrian bank, uses php5 in production for a month as well with no problems so far. Seems like php5 is production ready earlier than expected (with 5.1, that was).
Nevertheless i am looking forward to 5.1, with those impressive speed improvements and *nudging_pierre* an integrated pimp.

Johann-Peter Hartmann

Von Johann-Peter Hartmann

Johann bezeichnet sich als "Chief Tailwind Officer" und sieht Rückenwind für Kollegen, Teams und das Unternehmen als seine oberste Aufgabe. Er mag tatsächlich seine Arbeit mit den Kollegen sehr und ist dankbar dafür, mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten zu dürfen.

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    1. Yep, i do the frontends.
      Since pear::soap does not work with php5, i wrote a php5-support last weekend.
      As soon i fixed some bugs in the outlook sync, which came with the introduction of dotnet-soap-compability, there will be a new version online.
      Currently the palm sync is under heavy development, watch out for a public beta version soon.
      There is a prototype version of a native wince version (that’s why i needed to change the soap format) which comes next (hope i’ll get some time between xmas and new year).

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