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About one week ago i did the about 3526th most important thing in my live: my development platform is no longer php4, it’s php5 now. since i (and my customers, more important) are depending on a stable development environment, that’s not as simple as it may seem. And – surprise, surprise – everything went fine, all my applications kept on running, no segfault or bug up to now. One of our bigger customers, an Austrian bank, uses php5 in production for a month as well with no problems so far. Seems like php5 is production ready earlier than expected (with 5.1, that was).
Nevertheless i am looking forward to 5.1, with those impressive speed improvements and *nudging_pierre* an integrated pimp.

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  1. Did you develop a part of the phprojekt outlook sync tool?

    1. Yep, i do the frontends.
      Since pear::soap does not work with php5, i wrote a php5-support last weekend.
      As soon i fixed some bugs in the outlook sync, which came with the introduction of dotnet-soap-compability, there will be a new version online.
      Currently the palm sync is under heavy development, watch out for a public beta version soon.
      There is a prototype version of a native wince version (that’s why i needed to change the soap format) which comes next (hope i’ll get some time between xmas and new year).

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