Getting things to work on a MDA/PocketPC

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At one of our projects for the Vaillant Group, we were faced with the problem that the portals should be visible on a MDA in the Pocket Internet Explorer. Fortunately, this isn’t a real problem since Chairman, our framework and portal solution, is able to handle multi portals on one installation. We can detect the MDA on the server side and throw the user into a portal with a smooth layout that perfectly fits into the PocketPC screen.

There won’t be any big deals with customizing the PHP code for some specific design issues (like displaying some elements in a more slimlined way than on the web page). The goal is that the most functionality from the web application will be also available on the PocketPC.

Furthermore, we implemented some prototype in C# for a sign graffiti on the PocketPC which synchs the sign from the user to the web server and attaches it to a PDF.

Some more nice tricks are available: directly phoning a customer with the MDA and synching notes and calendar items to the PocketPC.

Is PocketPC availability a topic in your company? I would be glad to hear more from you. You can tell me at schotte at mayflower dot de.

Avatar von Björn Schotte


2 Antworten zu „Getting things to work on a MDA/PocketPC“

  1. Avatar von Thorsten

    >There won’t be any big deals with >customizing the PHP code for some >specific design issues (like >displaying some elements in a more >slimlined way than on the web page).

    Uhm… no templating?

    1. Uhm, sorry, I think this was a bit confusing: it’s fully based on templates, but some things have to differ (like to display 6 data rows on a page instead of 30 etc.).

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