Stacking up the free accounts: recursive scans

Chorizo’s standard account already contains recursive scans from the current URL. This means that Chorizo! is able to follow URLs from forms etc. automatically until a recursive level that you are able to set.

From now on, the free accounts also benefit from this feature which makes it very handy to scan sites more deeply. However, we limited the recursion depth to 1, so Chorizo! is able to follow all links etc. on the current page. The standard account is able to scan up to a depth of 3.

To give you a number: some time ago I scanned a popular PHP OpenSource CRM application with one scan through „Scan the current page“. With a recursion depth of 3, this lead to more than 10,000 scan requests.

If you want to give it a try, just register on the webpage for the free account.

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