phpMyFAQ: a popular OpenSource FAQ management system

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Our employee and Mayflower Fellow Thorsten Rinne develops and maintains in his sparse free time a popular FAQ management system called phpMyFAQ. Its current release is V1.6 (see press coverage on and phpMyFAQ is licensed under MPL. Popular users of phpMyFAQ are: Stanford University, Apple, the German telecommunication company Arcor, some big E-Commerce company, Knorr Bremse AG and others.

The CVS source tree is hosted at our dev platform which I mentioned in another post.

phpMyFAQ is available in 30 languages, including Chinese, Arabic and of course German. Supported databases are MySQL (3.23 series to 5.1 series), IBM DB2/Cloudscape/Apache Derby, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Sybase, PostgreSQL and MaxDB (experimental). The development team consists of 7 passionated developers.

Just give it a try.

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3 Antworten zu „phpMyFAQ: a popular OpenSource FAQ management system“

  1. ironically, the site doesn’t seem to have a FAQ section ;)

  2. Avatar von FlorentG

    And note that you should not put „PHP“ in a software name, acording to the license :

    1. The PHP License applies only to code derived from PHP licensed code. phpMyFAQ doesn’t use code licensed under the terms of the PHP license (which is the C code of the interpreter an some PEAR packages) but only code written by a phpMyFAQ contributor or a package with an phpMyFAQ-compatible license.

      The fact that pmf uses the PHP interpreter doesn’t make it derived work from the C source code of the interpreter.

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