SAP TechEd, Developer Network Day: PHP and SAP

I was invited from SAP to give a talk at the SDN Day at SAP’s TechEd in Amsterdam about „PHP and SAP“. I really enjoyed the time being there, with such a vibrant community they have (SDN has a lot of blogs, including 310 blogs from SAP employees).

As you may know, SAP supports scripting languages. They had the people from RADRails (an IDE for RubyOnRails) there as well as me and Gregor Wolf from Siteco who were talking about PHP. SAP also provides a tool for download with which you can generate script code to access SAP backends, for example. It does a lot more and SAP gives this tool to the community.

My talk was about „PHP in the Enterprise“ in general and covered as a special topic the connectivity to SAP through Netweaver and PHP5’s SOAP extension. We did several projects for several customers, and I covered our projects for the Vaillant Group as a Case Study. You can find the slides here. The talk was well perceived and I’m looking forward to work further with SAP, bringing them more closely to the PHP community.

There was also a social event that happened at the Boomchicago Theater in Amsterdam. I can really recommend this theater, it’s a mix of eating, improvisation comedy and theater playing. I really enjoyed the night, and the ensemble played their brand new piece called „Me, MySpace & iPod“. :-)

Thanks to André, Craig and Frank for inviting me to SDN Day. It was a pleasure!