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  • Silence of the LAMPs

    (based on a true story) A well-known but discouraged operator in PHP is the silence operator @, that supresses any output, that a particular command may yield. Read on to find out how you should not use it.

  • Spooky Action at not so much Distance

    Over the weekend i encountered a twist in PHP that really left me wondering. I made a mistake and i thought i should have gotten an error, or at least a warning. I got a completely unexpected behavior instead. According to our PHP Oracle this is just a legacy from PHP 4 though and there…

  • My Own Private WTF

    Just an example on what you can code that looks pretty correct… until it stops working Why would a JavaScript application stop working moving from 2007 to 2008? Why would a PHP script display January to July and then skip August and September, to then continue correctly with October through December?