15.12. Using custom annotations in PHP

When developing enterprise software one should always keep an eye on writing code that is easily maintainable, testable and extendable. Design patterns already propose a way to implement a loosely coupled architecture. With annotations you can take a step forward to make your code look even more expressive, focusing on the primary problem instead of writing a lot of boilerplate code. A single comment line can save you many more lines of code but as it is written in the project’s domain language it will be much more meaningful to the developer. Weiterlesen

06.12. Doctrine 2 – Zend Framework Integration

In yesterday’s article of our advent calendar, we explained the concepts underlying Doctrine 2. In today’s article, we want to use that knowledge and create a simple Zend Framework (ZF) application that uses Doctrine 2 to persist its business objects.

While explaining how to integrate Doctrine 2 into Zend Framework, we will create a generic sandbox that can be used for future projects building up on these technologies.