PHP Unconference 2008 Hamburg

Last weekend the PHP Unconference took place in Hamburg. With about 120 participants it took awhile to vote for the offered talks but at the end more than 30 sessions appeared on the agenda for two days and that promised to be an exciting weekend. You’ll find all topics and summaries on PHP Unconference Wiki. There were many interesting sessions for choice, for example ‚MySQL Performance Tuning‘ by Kris Köhntopp, with which started the first day. 45 minutes, as it turned out, were not long enough for this talk and I would have liked to hear more about it. During the talk ‚Ask the core developer‘ by Johannes Schlüter the current moods and the future of PHP and the community were discussed, yet not all of the attendees had the same opinion about that. Security, too, was a topic of the unconference and Johann-Peter Hartmann had three talks about it: ‚Secure PHP Installations‘, ‚Security Development Lifecycle‘ and ‚Web 2.0 Security‘. But not only the sessions themself were very interesting. The breaks were used for discussions and it was a good possibility to get in contact with other participants. Thanks to the Orga-Team and the sponsors we got a great food and drinks during the two days between the sessions.

Zend Studio for Eclipse at first sight

In January Zend Studio for Eclipse was released, it combines the Zend Studio technology and the Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tools) project. The download is available on, also the latest Zend Studio Toolbar if needed, you’ll find detailed product information on

The last few days I’ve started working with Zend Studio for Eclipse. At first view I didn’t miss anything which I’ve used in Zend Studio 5.5 and the IDE looks very good. Now it’s possible to work on several projects at the same time, that was one thing I really missed in Zend Studio 5.5. First I got some problems to use shortcuts as I was used to, e.g. I didn’t find ‚Go to File‘ (Ctrl+Alt+G) in Eclipse, but with Ctrl+Shift+L I could find the most important ones for me. With the refactoring feature you can now easily rename and move files or elements but refactoring is not working if you use autoload to load files and classes. The Debuger provides all known features from Zend Studio 5.5 but debugging an application is very slow, especially step by step, jumping to breakpoints is better but also too slow that I can’t work effective with it in daily business. I hope for an update to solve these problems. More highlighted features are PHPUnit Testing, Code Coverage, Zend Framework Integration, Zend Platform Integration, Getter/Setter Code Generation, … I didn’t have a look at all of them yet. Overall I think Zend Studio for Eclipse is a great tool to develop PHP applications. With a large amount of plugins, Eclipse provides a platform which gives the possibilty to develop a whole application within one tool, that’s a great benefit.