Cinder now available at Mayflower Open Source Labs

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Cinder is a plug-in for your eclipse-based IDE (eclipse, Zend Studio, etc.) to display results of your Continuous Integration environment right inside your IDE.

We just released version 0.1.6, which you can install via the Eclipse Update Manager and the URL, then activating it via "Window -> Show View -> Other -> Cinder".

If you haven’t heard of Cinder yet, here’s a short summary:

You open the XML file containing the errors and warnings of your build (for us that’s typically the PHP_CodeBrowser XML generated by a Hudson build) and get an overview of reports. Now you can sort them, categorize them and work on them in any order. Cinder can grab these files periodically if you make them available via http or on a filesystem.

A few screenshots:

The Cinder View after reading an XML file.

After selecting a warning the file is opened at the matching line.

Bug reports, ideas and feedback are welcome, please visit the github pageto tell us about your ideas.

Avatar von Florian Anderiasch


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