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After some weeks of development, the php5-webservice project is born.

This package with the name „Services_Webservice“ is similair to the .NET way of handling webservices and currently there is a call for votes on the pear website.

The package does all the annoying stuff that comes to you when creating webservices, like:
– wsdl (webservice description language) creation
– disco (discovery) creation
– instantiating a soap server
– infopage of the webservice

Some details about the package:
– PHP5.1
– Typehinting support
– complex types | complex arrays
– simple types | simple arrays

In case you want to test it, you can find the latest version of the webservice package on

Let me know what you think about it.


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    > Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‚ReflectionException‘ with message ‚Class array does not exist‘ in /home/***/soap/WSDL_Gen.php:273

    Theres just something wrong :(

    1. I dont`t know which version you are using. But I suggest downloading the current release. The bug you mentioned is fixed there. Probably it is even better to wait till tomorrow, because we are going to release the new version. Phillipe Jausions did a lot of improval and there is also a doc-comment tag.
      Get the latest version at


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        >> Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‚ReflectionException‘ with message ‚Class array does not exist‘ in /home/***/soap/WSDL_Gen.php:273

        The error appears when @return type is „array“
        Just downloaded the latest version
        – Services_Webservice-0.2
        – WSDL_Gen-0.4
        … just thought these are the latest versions

        Nevertheless, great Work!
        Heads up

        1. Avatar von Manfred

          You don`t need to install the wsdl_gen. just install the latest version of services_webservice. thats all.. and make pear uninstale wsdl_gen :-) sorry.. forgot to mention that.

  2. Great package, I was in the middle of developing something similar, but now I will simply abandon it and switch entirely to phpwebservices.
    The usege is really well planned, and very user/developer/ :) friendly. I had a running service in a matter of minutes!

    Just a remark :)
    Are you planning to release some documentation as well? Phpdocs, something?

    1. Avatar von Manfred

      Yep, we`re currently working on the next version with the final api. Next step is then writing the docbooks.Thanks for the positive feedback. :-) – Manfred

  3. Hi, yesss, great package, a lot of help. But do you have maybe some example for how to do some complex type, array?

    thnx in advance, Peter

  4. I’d like to know about some documentation, or some help, on how to generate the wsdl for my application using this package…

    Could someone help me?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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