Mayflower Labs, a new category

Here at Mayflower, we’re working on different projects in the R&D area called „Mayflower Labs“. Those projects tend to be interesting, and mostly will be Open Source software once they’re finished. For this reason, we created a blog category „Labs“ with subcategories for our Labs‘ projects. Our developers who are working on those projects will blog regularly about this.

To start with, we want to tell you something about Drupal and SugarCRM. Since several months, we’re using Drupal for our website, and SugarCRM Professional Edition as our CRM software. With several contact forms which emailed to an internal address, we thought about connecting those two systems together. The result is the D2SBridge which is a great connector between these two systems which we already have in production. Our lead developer for this labs project will tell you more about that in the next few days.

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