On March 28th we had the honor to host another dojo event – the

With the experience from the last in our office in Munich we expected some 20 attendees, but when the event started I counted the incredible amount of 37 people!

Now our conference room is kind of small and I still can’t remember where I got all the chairs from, but we got all people stuffed in there :-)

Maybe one reason for this many attendees is that Würzburg is located in the middle of Germany, which can be proved by the fact that people came from all over the country. Moreover, we had four persons coming up the way from Italy!

After tasting some real good Franconian red wine and some typical cold cuts we started gathering the topics and held the following talks:

  • Introduction to Dojo (Nikolai Onken, uxebu)
  • Dojo data (Tobias von Klipstein, uxebu)
  • Tapestryfly (Andrea Chiumenti (kiuma), wingstech)
  • Video Conference with Pete Higgins (Dojo Project Lead) and Dylan Schiemann (co-founder of Dojo and SitePen)
  • Javascript in High Traffic Environments (Sebastian Schürmann, Chip Xonio Online)
  • Dojo Docs (Tobias von Klipstein & Wolfram Kriesing, uxebu)
  • Dojo Build (Tobias von Klipstein, uxebu)

The slides can be found on the bottom of

So thanks to all the folks who attended that event! Maybe we will meet again on the in Munich on May 9th!

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