PHP5 poster!

PHP5 posterJust have a look at this wonderful image. It shows a PHP5 poster, sponsored by Zend and our company and designed by one of our employees and me, that tells you about all the new things that come with PHP5. From the new object-orientated model to the new PHP extensions like SimpleXML, mysqli, sqlite, SPL and such. The poster has a size of DIN A0 (1189×841 mm).

It’s available for those who subscribe to the PHP magazine. An English version is also available, just ask the folks at Software & Support.

And if you go to this year’s LinuxTag, don’t miss the chance to get a free poster at our booth :-).


Von Björn Schotte

Björn Schotte ist geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der Mayflower GmbH und Senior Consultant im Umfeld von Software- und Agilen Organisations-Themen. Er twittert unter @BjoernSchotte und ist auf Xing sowie LinkedIn erreichbar. Seine Vorträge finden sich bei Slideshare.

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  1. This week I gave a two-days power workshop "PHP in big projects" ("PHP in Großprojekten", as it was in German) on the conference "Entwicklertage", organized by the Software & Support publishing house. One of the topics

  2. If you haven’t heard it already, this year’s LinuxTag features again the „LAMP Area“, a big booth featuring a lot of companies (including ours, Mayflower/ThinkPHP) and OpenSource projects. Like last year, there are a lot of sessions dedicated to the LAM

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