We did talk about Web-2.0 Security

On Tuesday our CIO, Johann-Peter Hartmann, gave a Web-seminar about security issues in the Web 2.0 era. We had about 140 participants and some very good questions in the following Q&A Session. We would like to thank you for the response and also we´d like to thank Jürgen from MySQL, our webinar-host.

We uploaded our slides as promised. To download them, click here.

If you missed the Web-Seminar you get a chance to see the recording of it here.
But be aware: It´s in german!!!

For english readers/speakers: Johann held an english security talk some time ago. Find it here

We already heard that some participants found some quite severe security issues right after listening to Johann´s talk. Therefore we strongly recommend to all of you to have a look at it.

If you want to harden your Web-Apps we do also recommend to check out our security scanner Chorizo!.

You will not be able to remove all possible security issues from your code. But it will at least help you clean it of the common issues like XSS, SQL injections, remote code executions and alike.

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  1. Letzten Dienstag gab Johann Peter Hartmann von Mayflower in Zusammenarbeit mit MySQL ein Webseminar zum Thema Web 2.0 Security. Da ich an dem Webseminar kurzfristig leider nicht teilnehmen konnte bin ich froh, dass es den Seminar-Mittschnitt seit heute…

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