PHProjekt Version 5.2 now available

MAYFLOWER announces that Version 5.2 of its
free popular open source groupware suite “PHProjekt” is available
immediately and ready for download.

With the new version a foundation is made for a clearly
arranged and intuitive usable PHProjekt. This is made by a refactoring
of the user interface and the integration of the Dojo JavaScript
Toolkit, which enables an effective realisation of Web 2.0
functionalities. The Migration is going to take place in steps, the
main changes of the user interface will take place in the next
releases. The clou: PHProjekt remains barrier-free.

Another highlight of the new version is the porting on IBMs DB2
database solution. Together with IBM, taking responsibility with
providing a development server and manpower for the porting, PHProjekt
was made fit for yet another database. "IBMs employees were highly
motivated, as were we. Working together on this project was excellent."
said Albrecht Günther, Managing Director Mayflower . "One of the main
features of todays web applications is the interation into multiple IT
environments, especially with databases. With PHProjekt and DB2 this is
a success."

But the new Version of PHProjekt has also some functional
features in store. The Helpdesk has been completely revised and has new
functions as well. It is, for example, now possible to build a complete
workflow. Also emails are generated automatically (eg. Customer,
Supporter, Supervisor). Another highlight are the filter possibilities,
which enable individual views and the possibility to discuss specific tickets.

Last but not least there are also some other new features in the version 5.2:

  • Search Option in Firefox Toolbar
  • Refactored Mail-Modul
  • Extended export supporting filtering mechanism.
  • Elements can now be copied and archived
  • Support of MySQL 5.0 strict mode

It can be downloaded immediately at

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