Announcing Chorizo! Intranet Edition and Chorizo! Security Audits

Live from the International PHP Conference this year, we have some announcements to make: first of all, we’re now officially releasing the Chorizo! Intranet Edition. That’s basically the full Chorizo! software package for your internal corporate environment, installed on one of your servers. Furthermore, you can scan an unlimited number of your own websites (we won’t charge you for every server!) and create your own users inside the usermanagement. Besides that, of course Morcilla, the PHP security extension that detects deep security bugs directly on your server is included. The Intranet Edition is available for a license fee of EUR 5.800,– including VAT (16% currently) for one installation. Support and updates are available for 20% of the license fee per year. If you’re interested, just drop us an e-mail.

Second, we’re launching an array of Professional Services: Security Audits. You can get them in different flavours, like the Chorizo! PenTest, the Chorizo! Standard Audit and Chorizo! Extended Audit. Automatic security scanning is good, but to get hardened web applications, Security Audits are your friends. You can download the product paper or drop us an e-mail for an offer. Clients already include the financial and logistics industry.

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